Weinor Artares Louvered Roof: Design Options 

The Weinor Artares Louvered Roof offers a range of design options to suit any home. These options include frame colours, post styles, and roof types.

Frame colours

The frame of the Artares Louvered Roof is available in three different colours: white, anthracite, and bronze. These colours can be chosen to match the existing architecture or personal preference.


Post Styles

The Artares Louvered Roof comes with different post styles to choose from. These include round, square, and rectangular posts. The post styles can be selected based on the desired aesthetic and the surrounding environment.


Roof Types

Louvered roofing systems, such as the Artares, offer both architectural allure and practical benefits for outdoor spaces. With various roof types available, homeowners can find the perfect blend of style and functionality to enhance their exterior settings.

Flat Louvered Roofs

Flat louvered roofs are a popular choice for modern homes, blending seamlessly with contemporary architecture. These roofs sit parallel to the ground, offering a streamlined and minimalistic look. The louvers can be adjusted to let in light, ventilate the space, or be completely shut for protection against rain.

Gabled Louvered Roofs

Gabled designs add a touch of classic charm to the modern functionality of louvered systems. The peaked or triangular shape of the roof not only offers an aesthetic appeal but can also enhance airflow and water drainage. This type is perfect for those who want to retain a traditional look while benefiting from modern technology.



Pyramid Louvered Roofs

Pyramid louvered roofs are characterised by a four-sided design that comes to a single point. This design is especially attractive for standalone structures like gazebos or pool houses. The pyramid shape ensures efficient water runoff and lends an elegant aesthetic to outdoor settings.


Combination Roofs

Some louvered systems offer the flexibility to combine different roof types or integrate with existing structures. For instance, a flat louvered system might be extended from a traditionally roofed home, or a gabled louvered roof could be paired with solid roofing sections. This versatility ensures that homeowners can customise their outdoor spaces based on specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

Flat Louvered Roofs

Flat louvered roofs are a popular choice for modern homes, blending seamlessly with contemporary architecture. These roofs sit parallel to the ground, offering a streamlined and minimalistic look. The louvers can be adjusted to let in light, ventilate the space, or be completely shut for protection against rain.

Weinor Artares Louvered Roof: Tailored Sunlight and Shade Control

The Weinor Artares Louvered Roof stands out as a cutting-edge solution for outdoor living, offering adjustable protection against varying weather conditions. Built with motorised aluminium blades, its louvers can be precisely adjusted between 0 to 90 degrees using a convenient remote control.

This allows homeowners to customise the balance between sunlight and shade, ensuring an optimal outdoor environment. Whether seeking full sunlight, partial shade, or complete protection from rain, the Artares system adapts seamlessly to individual preferences and climatic demands.

Weinor Artares Louvered Roof: Waste Water Management

The Weinor Artares Louvered Roof is designed with an effective drainage system to manage and redirect rainwater. The system ensures that rainwater is effectively channelled away from the roof and the area below, preventing any water accumulation or damage.

The drainage system comprises gutters and downspouts integrated into the roof’s structure. These gutters collect the rainwater that falls on the roof surface and direct it towards the downspouts.The downspouts then channel the water away from the roof and into a designated drainage area, such as a rainwater collection system or a garden.

The design of the drainage system ensures that rainwater is efficiently managed and does not cause any issues, such as water pooling or damage to the structure. It allows homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space even during rainy weather, as the roof effectively redirects the rainwater away from the area below.

The Weinor Artares Louvered Roof operates through a motorised system that allows for precise control of the angle of the louvers. The range of motion of the louvers is from 0 to 90, allowing for full opening or closing of the roof. The wastewater from the roof is effectively managed through a drainage system that collects and redirects rainwater away from the roof and the area below. This ensures a comfortable and functional outdoor space for homeowners.

The Weinor Artares Louvered Roof: Weather Protection

The Weinor Artares Louvered Roof offers a state-of-the-art solution for outdoor spaces, ensuring optimal weather protection. Its adjustable louvers, ranging from 0-135 degrees, guarantee control over sunlight and wind while forming a watertight seal when closed. Equipped with wind sensors and internal guttering, the system can resist heavy rain and strong winds. Crafted from durable, corrosion-resistant aluminium, these louvers promise longevity, with an impressive lifespan of up to 20 years. Enhanced safety features, including wind and fire resistance, paired with a weather-protected motor, make the Artares Louvered Roof a dependable and long-term investment for homeowners.

Accessories for The Weinor Artares Louvered Roof 

The Weinor Artares Louvered Roof boasts a variety of accessories designed to augment its practicality and visual appeal. These range from integrated side closures and height-adjustable glass walls to versatile door options, allowing homeowners to refine their outdoor spaces to their unique tastes and requirements.

Lighting Options

The Artares Louvered Roof offers diverse lighting options, enabling homeowners to curate the ambience of their exteriors. With LED strips in warm white or an array of colours and location-specific placements like the bottom of the fascia or outside posts, homeowners can create dynamic lighting scenes to suit different moods and occasions.

Heating Options

The Artares Louvered Roof ensures year-round comfort with innovative heating solutions like the Tempura Quadra infrared system. These heating options can be strategically positioned, guaranteeing warmth during colder months and extending the usability of outdoor spaces.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Weinor Artares Louvered Roof

The Weinor Artares Louvered Roof system offers an innovative solution for those seeking to elevate their outdoor spaces. Marrying contemporary design with advanced functionality, the Artares Louvered Roof is a testament to premium quality and sophisticated outdoor living.

Enhanced Outdoor Living Experience

One of the primary benefits of the Weinor Artares Louvered Roof is the ability to transform outdoor spaces into comfortable living areas. With its adjustable louvers, homeowners can control the amount of sunlight and ventilation, creating an ideal environment for relaxation or entertainment regardless of the weather.

Durability and Longevity

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Weinor Artares Louvered Roof is designed to stand the test of time. Its weather-resistant attributes ensure that it remains unaffected by varying climatic conditions, from scorching sun to heavy rain. This means a long-lasting structure that requires minimal maintenance and offers value for money in the long run.

Energy Efficiency

The adjustable louvers not only allow for optimal sunlight control but can also contribute to energy savings. During warmer months, they can be angled to block out direct sunlight, reducing the need for air conditioning. Conversely, during cooler months, they can be positioned to allow sunlight in, naturally warming up the space and reducing heating costs.

Aesthetic Appeal

The Weinor Artares Louvered Roof is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Its modern and sleek design can complement a range of architectural styles, making it a stylish addition to any property. This can potentially enhance the property’s value and curb appeal.

Seamless Integration with Smart Home Systems

In an age of technological advancement, having a roof system that integrates seamlessly with smart home controls is a considerable advantage. The Weinor Artares offers this integration, allowing homeowners to control its features via smartphones or voice commands. This brings a level of convenience and modernity to outdoor living spaces.

Adjustable blades

The louvers of Weinor Artares Louvered Roofs can be adjusted to control the amount of sunlight and airflow, allowing you to create a comfortable microclimate in your outdoor space.

Protection from the elements

These louvered roofs provide protection from rain and other elements, ensuring that you can enjoy your outdoor space even during inclement weather.

Easy installation and maintenance

Weinor Artares Louvered Roofs are designed for easy installation and require minimal maintenance. They are made from high-quality materials that are durable and weather-resistant.

Choosing a Weinor Artares Louvered Roof provides a harmonious blend of form and function. Homeowners can enjoy the perks of adaptable outdoor space, energy efficiency, and stylish addition to their property, all while reaping the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

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