Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergolas: The Ultimate Choice for Outdoor Solutions

Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergolas have revolutionised the world of outdoor living solutions. Rewarding homeowners with the freedom to make the most of their outdoor living space, these extraordinary structures are engineered with precision, marrying functionality with aesthetics. These Pergolas embed elements clad with a variety of features, including automated rain and sun protection and adjustable louvres. This variability creates a unique balance between nature and shelter, granting you the power to customise your encounters with the elements. This adaptability extends to temperature control, with built-in cooling and heating systems available as options. Alongside this, the structures are crafted to be enduring, confronting the throes of unpredictable weather conditions.

Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergolas, with their impressive array of features and backed by the exceptional offering of The Outdoor Living Group, propose an uncompromising solution for those seeking to revamp their outdoor living experience.

With over 35 years of experience, The Outdoor Living Group has risen to become a dominant player in the market. Their expertise in meticulous planning, smooth installation, and dedication to quality has earned them the prestigious Trusted Trader accolade. Contact us today and move one step closer to your ideal outdoor sanctuary.

Elevate Your Exteriors with Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergolas

From the esteemed collection of The Outdoor Living Group comes the Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergola, redefining opulence and functionality in outdoor living. Its hallmark adjustable blades grant you unparalleled command over sunlight and ventilation. Coupled with thermo-regulated blades, it guarantees a consistently pleasant ambient temperature, irrespective of the fluctuations outside.

Nightfall doesn’t diminish its allure, thanks to integrated day-and-night LED lighting. This design detail ensures that your space remains apt for any occasion, at any hour. Convenience is also paramount; with compatibility spanning remote controls, smartphones, tablets, and even voice-operated systems like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you’re bestowed full control effortlessly.

Weather unpredictability? Not an issue. The smart rain sensor technology within the Gibus Varia ensures that blades automatically adjust with the onset of rain, protecting your cherished outdoor setup.

Ease of installation and low-maintenance requirements add to the Pergola’s appeal, underscoring its luxurious design with unparalleled practicality. Its commendable resistance to snow and remarkable energy efficiency are testaments to the quality pledge of The Outdoor Living Group.

In selecting the Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergola, you’re not just choosing a product but embracing a lifestyle. It signifies an exquisite union of style, functionality, and cutting-edge technology to refine and uplift your outdoor experience.

The Transformative Pergola Experience

Redefining the essence of luxurious outdoor spaces, the Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergola emerges as a blend of advanced mechanics and high-grade materials. Its expertly crafted aluminium blades pivot to strike a balance, sheltering you from undesirable elements while inviting in the rejuvenating sunlight.

An environmentally-conscious marvel, this Pergola harnesses the power of the sun. With integrated photovoltaic panels, it adeptly converts sunlight into sustainable energy. Such forward-thinking design ensures optimal use of natural resources and propels homeowners closer to a self-sustaining, greener lifestyle.

The Varia’s distinct lateral enclosures further its allure. These unique features effortlessly transform your open-air space into a semi-enclosed haven, offering both privacy and an added layer of protection. It artfully marries the luxury of a conservatory with the flexibility of an outdoor terrace.

The Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergola stands as a testament to the fusion of aesthetics and pragmatism intertwined with sustainability at its core. Every facet is meticulously curated to redefine the outdoor living experience, inviting a harmonious connection between human ingenuity and nature’s beauty. Experience the unrivalled elegance of the Gibus Varia.

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A Blend of Aesthetics and Flexibility

Gibus Varia bioclimatic Pergolas, boasting adjustable blades, offer a customisable outdoor experience. All configurations ensure your comfort against any weather:

  • Front Leaning 2 posts: An exemplary choice for those with a wall on one side, this lean-to configuration provides the advantage of using the available wall as support, thus requiring only two additional posts.
  • Island 4 posts: The stand-alone structure caters for an all-around unhindered view. Perfect for spacious locations, its symmetrical design provides a harmonious aesthetic balance.
  • More modules: The multiple-module system is a practical solution for larger areas. It allows a series of bioclimatic Pergolas to be linked together, creating a large covered expanse.
  • Ease: Exemplifying advanced technology, this configuration exhibits automated blade adjustment, providing the desired light and air circulation at the touch of a button.

All in all, your specific requirements dictate the most fitting Gibus Varia configuration, each intertwining function and aesthetic brilliance.

Customising Your Gibus Varia Pergola

The Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergolas are more than just cutting-edge outdoor additions; they’re a reflection of your quintessential British elegance. Picture this – a stately English manor as your backdrop, and you choose a rustic copper brown frame paired with champagne-coloured blades. The Pergola effortlessly melds into the charm of your timeless home, enhancing its traditional British grandeur.

Your roof choice, be it retractable or adjustable blades, adds dimension to your outdoor living space. Ever thought of how a moonlight dinner under a starlit retractable canopy feels? Or perhaps an alfresco luncheon with the sun slightly peeking through your modulated blade roof?

Our outdoor experience

We provide a free consultation and onsite 3D visual design to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to confirming your order. Over the years we’ve perfected a three-step process we apply to all installations.


Choose your Pergola size based on your space availability. It integrates seamlessly into your existing architecture, ensuring you have that much-needed outdoor haven regardless of the space constraints.

Select your frame and blade colour, accentuating your outdoor aesthetic. From pure white for minimalist lovers to anthracite grey for a chic industrial vibe, the spectrum is wide enough to cater for your specific taste.

All these choices blend perfectly with your Pergola’s guaranteed practicality, comfort, and technological advancement, making it a remarkable addition to your outdoor space.

Boosting Elegance and Comfort: Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergola Accessories

Elevating the art of outdoor living, the Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergola graces your space with a thoughtfully curated suite of bespoke accessories. Not just add-ons, these elements accent the Pergola’s exclusive appeal, blending practicality with aesthetic allure.

Experience the intimacy of a personal retreat enveloped in Zip Screens. These resistant barriers protect you from weather whims, nestling your private sanctuary amidst nature. Transpose the magic of customisable hues with ambient LED Lighting, and transform your outdoor soirees with a painter’s palette of twilight moods.

With Varia’s Heating and Cooling solutions, every season becomes a reason to relish your outdoor haven. Imagine the warmth of friendly gatherings embraced by the Tempura Heating System on a crisp winter evening. Contrastingly picture a balmy summer day, sipping a cool drink under the shade of effortless retractable awnings while still savouring the vibrant sunshine views.

These meticulously chosen accessories embody the comprehensive and cohesive appeal of the Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergola. They are not mere additions but integral constituents that allow the realisation of refined outdoor living. With Gibus, you choose more than convenience, you manifest a lifestyle statement – an epitome of elegance and luxury.

Investing in a Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergola

A Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergola is more than a mere addition to your outdoor living space; it’s a blend of luxury, elegance, and comfort tailored to resonate with your lifestyle and aesthetic, made possible at diverse price points governed by key factors.

Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergolas aren’t just made from any aluminium; they are built with extruded powder-coated aluminium, chosen for its unmatched durability and premium finish which stands the test of time and weather. Hence, the higher price tag accurately represents the lasting quality and aesthetic superiority.

Whether it’s size, colour, finish, in-built lights, heating mechanisms, or fitting solutions—all contribute to the Pergola’s cost but simultaneously enhance its functionality, making it a true reflection of you. Remember, buying a Gibus Varia Bioclimatic Pergola is more than just a purchase. It’s an investment in elevating your outdoor space to match your lifestyle goals.

Our outdoor experience

We provide a free consultation and onsite 3D visual design to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to confirming your order. Over the years we’ve perfected a three-step process we apply to all installations.


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