Site Preparation for Weinor Artares Louvered Roof Installation

Selecting the perfect spot for a Weinor Artares Louvered Roof is a balance between aesthetics and functionality. A key consideration is ensuring the chosen location benefits from substantial sunlight, empowering homeowners to adjust the louvers to maximise both comfort and ventilation.

However, while the sun’s rays are vital, an area that’s too exposed to strong winds can pose problems. Windy areas can threaten the roof’s structural integrity; hence, a location that’s somewhat sheltered is preferable. For a heightened sense of relaxation, selecting an area that affords a significant level of privacy is also essential.

Before embarking on the installation, comprehensive site preparation is indispensable. It’s pivotal to clear the chosen location of potential obstacles like furniture, plants, or other debris. Ensuring the ground is level is fundamental, creating a solid foundation for the louvered roof. Moreover, inspecting for any underground utilities is crucial to avoid unforeseen installation challenges.

When considering installation, the base or foundation is vital. Depending on the Weinor Artares Louvered Roof type and specific ground conditions, a concrete foundation might be necessary to ensure its lasting stability.

Weinor Artares Louvered Roof: Assembly and Mounting Options

Weinor Artares Louvered Roof mounting options include wall-attached, free-standing, and post-anchored.


Ideal for homeowners looking to extend their living space seamlessly from indoors to outdoors. It offers more direct sunlight and is typically more straightforward in its installation since it leverages an existing structure.


Best suited for those seeking to craft a distinct outdoor nook or wanting the most flexible sunlight control. While these roofs provide the freedom to place them anywhere, they necessitate additional support structures, sometimes elevating the installation complexity.


These louvered roofs are firmly anchored into the ground, offering a blend of stability and versatility. They can be positioned across various terrains, though the installation might be more intricate compared to other types.

Weinor Artares Louvered Roof: Electrical System Installation

Before diving into the electrical intricacies, Weinor places an unparalleled emphasis on meticulous planning. This stage is paramount in the installation of the Artares Louvered Roof. A holistic layout is formulated, pinpointing power requirements, like the necessary number of outlets and switches. Every electrical component’s placement is systematically mapped out, adhering rigorously to safety protocols.

Precision Wiring and Robust Connections

Guided by the comprehensive blueprint, Weinor’s seasoned experts embark on the journey of wiring and making connections. The choicest of materials, fine-tuned to the louvered roof’s requirements, promises peak performance coupled with safety. Every wire undergoes insulation and is securely anchored, eliminating potential risks. Safety isn’t merely attended to—it’s the very essence of this phase, solidifying the electrical system’s efficacy and longevity.

Incorporation of Ambient Lighting and Heating Systems

For those envisioning an elevated ambience or a touch of warmth, we can flawlessly integrate both lighting and heating modules into the Artares design. The team ensures the harmonious coexistence of these additions with the overarching power system. Dedicated attention is paid to insulating and fortifying the connections associated with these elements.

Safety as the Cornerstone: Upholding Electrical Regulations

Safety transcends being a mere requirement—it’s the company’s gold standard. Every conceivable precaution is taken, from cherry-picking the best-suited wiring to the intricate processes of grounding and insulation. Adherence to local norms and going beyond established safety benchmarks is a guarantee.

Integration of Lighting and Heating: A Tailored Approach

Understanding the distinct dynamics of integrating lighting or heating solutions into the Artares Louvered Roof, Weinor professionals ensure each component is outdoor-approved and resilient. Their meticulous insulation and labelling practices guarantee flawless electrical operation.

Through Weinor’s unmatched expertise, homeowners can bask in the confidence that their Artares Louvered Roof’s electrical facet is a beacon of efficiency and safety.

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Customisation Opportunities for Weinor Artares Louvered Roofs

The Artares Louvered Roofs by Weinor offer a plethora of personalisation avenues, allowing homeowners to infuse their individuality.


Each bespoke design we create presents unique attributes, giving homeowners the liberty to pick one aligned with their vision. Furthermore, the structural design can be standalone or adjoined, offering installation and spatial dynamics adaptability.

Colour Palette

Artares frames come in a vibrant spectrum of shades, spanning both classic RAL hues and contemporary tones. This plethora of options ensures homeowners can find the perfect match for their exterior aesthetics.

Feature Enhancements

Several enhancements can elevate the Artares experience:

  • Vertical Window System: Enhances ventilation and grants command over airflow.
  • Glass Sliding Mechanism: Empowers homeowners to open or seal the space at their discretion.
  • Retractable Screens: Offers respite from pests and crafts a more intimate ambience.
  • Conventional Wind Barrier: Bestows added wind protection, fostering a cocooned feel.
  • LED Illumination Bars: Imbues the space with soft, ambient light, crafting a snug setting.
  • LED Light Components: These can be artistically embedded within the roof slats, merging function with flair.

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Supplementary Accessories for Weinor Artares Louvered Roof

Beyond the aforementioned customisation possibilities, homeowners have the flexibility to augment their Artares Louvered Roof with a diverse set of accessories. These enhancements include, but aren’t limited to:

Glass panels: These can be incorporated into the sides of the Artares, furnishing shelter against inclement weather, particularly during chillier months.

W17 Easy Glass Doors: Experience unobstructed views with these sleek and contemporary glass doors, designed to seamlessly integrate with the Artares Louvered Roof.

While retaining visual connectivity to the outdoors, these doors offer optimal protection against unpredictable weather elements.

Sunscreen panels: Ideal for those sun-intense days, these screens supply an extra layer of sun protection, fostering a more congenial atmosphere.

Roof ventilation: Implementing vents can drastically improve airflow and ventilation, enhancing the Artares experience.

Tempura Heating Systems: To prolong the seasonality of the Artares Louvered Roof, homeowners might opt for advanced integrated heating solutions. Enjoy the cosiness of your outdoor space even during colder months with the Tempura heating solutions.

Engineered for performance, these systems ensure even heat distribution, creating a warm and inviting ambience underneath your Artares roof.

BioConnect Somfy Controls: With the power of Somfy, operate the louvers of your Artares roof with ease and precision, tailoring the shade and sunlight to your preference. These advanced control systems provide users with a user-friendly interface, ensuring effortless adjustments for optimal comfort.

With Weinor’s Artares Louvered Roof, customisation is the name of the game. Be it through design, colour, features, or added accessories, individuals can mold their Artares into an extension of their personal aesthetic, ensuring an adaptable outdoor haven. With these state-of-the-art additions to the Artares Louvered Roof, homeowners can further refine their outdoor experience, ensuring both function and form are at their zenith.

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The Benefits of a Professional Artares Louvered Roof Installation

The perks of employing seasoned professionals for Artares Louvered Roof installation are manifold. It guarantees adherence to local regulations and codes and ensures the structure’s stability and safety. Professionals from The Outdoor Living Group are experts at Artares installations, furnishing homeowners with invaluable insights on optimal setup methods for both functionality and comfort.

Entrust your installation to us, and what you get is more than just a service—it’s an experience. Our squad of installers will walk you through every step, offering pointers on maintenance and, should the need arise, proficient aftercare. Our warranty covers the installation comprehensively, shielding you against potential installation flaws or regular wear-induced issues.

Homeowners tap into the reservoir of knowledge and skill our team offers by choosing professional installation from The Outdoor Living Group. We promise a precise and safe installation and pledge post-installation support. Moreover, our warranties and guarantees underscore our commitment to quality, assuring prompt redressal of any concerns.

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What type of materials are used for Weinor Artares Louvered Roof installation?

Weinor Artares Louvered Roofs are primarily made from high-grade aluminium, known for their combination of sturdiness and lightweight properties. The frame often undergoes powder coating to offer enhanced resistance against weather elements. The louvers or roofing components are meticulously crafted, ensuring both robustness and a lightweight design.

What are the benefits of installing a Weinor Artares Louvered Roof?

Weinor Artares Louvered Roofs come packed with a multitude of perks. They ensure protection from diverse weather patterns, allow users to modulate sunlight exposure and shading, enhance ventilation, and effortlessly upgrade any outdoor area into a posh and contemporary oasis.

What is the cost of a Weinor Artares Louvered Roof installation?

The investment for a Weinor Artares Louvered Roof varies based on several parameters such as its dimensions, the materials selected, and any supplementary customisations like lighting or heating systems. For a comprehensive and individualised quotation, reaching out to a Weinor representative or a trusted dealer is suggested.

How long does a Weinor Artares Louvered Roof installation take?

The duration for setting up a Weinor Artares Louvered Roof largely depends on the project's dimensions and intricacies. For a tailored time estimation corresponding to your particular project, it's advised to get in touch with Weinor's experts or authorised installers.

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