Unveiling the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola: A Fusion of Elegance and Innovation

A quintessential addition to outdoor living, the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola revolutionises exterior spaces. It offers an ideal balance between design aesthetics and functional utility. As a product of The Outdoor Living Group, it mirrors its ethos of marrying form and function and demonstrates its commitment to quality backed by a well-established track record. Its innovative design featuring adjustable blades sets the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola apart. This unique feature provides much-needed flexibility, enabling adaptation to different weather conditions and enhancing the adaptability of outdoor spaces throughout the year.

Propelled by an electric motor, the aluminium blades rotate, providing uninterrupted enjoyment of your outdoor area. An efficient rainwater drainage system is activated when blades are closed, ensuring an adequate dry space underneath. This luxury Pergola model is crafted to withstand and thrive in diverse weather conditions, providing versatile solace across all seasons.

The Outdoor Living Group’s track record in delivering high-quality, innovative outdoor solutions is noteworthy. Their unrelenting dedication to customer satisfaction and their technological prowess make the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola a coveted choice amongst discerning consumers. Embrace the essence of outdoor living with this ingenious innovation.

Unveiling the Magic of Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola

In the realm of outdoor living solutions, the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola is an exceptional addition, offering many lifestyle benefits that homeowners truly appreciate. The Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola, a premier offering from The Outdoor Living Group, features innovative design and high-quality materials, making it a leading choice for any contemporary home.

Imagine having the flexibility to adjust to changing weather conditions with the turn of a blade. One of its key quality features, the adjustable blades provide homeowners with dynamic adaptability unseen in other outdoor solutions. This unique system allows sun and shade control, enabling families to maximise outdoor recreation regardless of the weather.

And the magic doesn’t end there either. With a built-in rainwater drainage system, this Pergola stands capable of keeping your outdoor area dry and welcoming, even during intense downpours. That is the level of uninterrupted outdoor lifestyle the Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola promises to offer.

The Outdoor Living Group’s commitment to quality and innovative outdoor solutions is deeply embodied in the Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola. More than being just an extraordinary addition to your home, it’s a testament to your lifestyle preference and discerning quality. The Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola––a symbol of sophistication, giving life to a world of benefits.

The Unique Lifestyle Benefits of the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola

The Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola, with its advanced features and design, offers countless lifestyle benefits. Among them, the most notable is the atmospheric enhancement brought by the integrated LED lighting. The combination of ambient perimeter lighting and colour-changing RGB LED strips transforms ordinary outdoor activities into magical experiences. Imagine hosting intimate alfresco dinner parties under the gentle, adjustable glow or children playing under a canopy of whimsical, changing colours. The lighting system’s versatility allows for many scenarios, playing a pivotal role in creating the desired mood for various outdoor engagements.

More than just aesthetics, the Pergola provides modern, streamlined operation. The remote control operation and the Gibus Connect App allow homeowners to manage the settings of their outdoor area from the comfort of their seats. Whether adjusting the orientation of the blades, tweaking the lighting ambience, or operating other Pergola features, usability is kept easy and efficient.

To those intrigued by home automation and smart living, you’ll be interested to learn about the Pergola’s compatibility with AI home automation systems. The Gibus Connect App’s compatibility ensures integration with current home systems, paving the way for future-proof outdoor living. The Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola is a harmonious blend of design, function, and technology, promising a lifestyle improvement.

Quality Features Packed in Durability

The Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola is truly a marvel of sturdy construction and innovative design. Engineered from extruded powder-coated aluminium, this robust structure stands resilient against the elements, promising longevity and quality in one package.

A 25 cm perimeter frame further reinforces the Pergola’s solidity. This feature, however, does more than ensure durability. It serves as a protective shield, combating the often harsh reality of weather conditions, thereby guaranteeing additional security for your outdoor space.

But the real magic lies in the adjustable blades embedded within the design of the Pergola. Empowering users with the flexibility to moderate sunlight and airflow, this feature denotes a new era of customised outdoor comfort.

Moreover, these innovative blades are equipped with a patented safety mechanism that gently stops their rotation upon encountering an obstruction, instantly reversing their motion. This clever safety feature epitomises thoughtful design and ensures your serene outdoor retreat remains unharmed.

Not to be outdone, the included remote control feature offers unparalleled ease of use, placing the control of multiple Pergola features at your fingertips. From adjusting blade angles to setting the ambient mood utilising LED spotlights and RGB colour scenarios, the power to personalise your space is always within your grasp.

The Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola is more than just a sturdy and stylish outdoor accessory; it is a testament to meticulous design and attention to detail. Promising unmatched quality and a seamless user experience, it integrates effortlessly with your lifestyle, enhancing your living space and experience.

Enhanced Features of a Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola

What sets the Velvet bioclimatic Pergola apart from other models is its masterful engineering and attention to detail that offers the ultimate outdoor experience. Crucial to this experience is the low-noise louvres. These uniquely engineered blades adjust silently, preserving the tranquillity of your outdoor environment, an uncommon feature among many Pergolas.

The Velvet model elevates comfort to a new level by allowing for the integration of vertical shading and packable glass walls. These elements provide a versatile solution against weather changes, saving your social gatherings from Mother Nature’s whims. Its adaptability offers users an outdoor comfort experience unmatched by conventional Pergolas.

With minimalist design language and practical functionality, the Velvet series stands out in addressing everyday outdoor comfort woes without compromising aesthetics. It reshapes the future of outdoor living spaces, transforming them into your personal retreat without leaving home. Experience the harmony between design and comfort with Gibus. The journey towards redefining your home’s panorama begins with the Velvet bioclimatic Pergola.

Our outdoor experience

We provide a free consultation and onsite 3D visual design to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to confirming your order. Over the years we’ve perfected a three-step process we apply to all installations.


Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola: Superior Design and Functionality

The Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola sets itself apart with its unique Foldable Blades. Delving deeper into the Velvet Motion patent, it incorporates a high-performance gear motor. This exclusive technology facilitates automated and seamless blade rotation, maximising both sunlight and shade control, providing an exceptional user experience.

Moving on to the Integrated Photovoltaic Panels, these are aesthetically integrated and serve a dual purpose. They harvest solar energy, converting it into electric power. This sustainable feature can significantly reduce your household’s environmental footprint, transforming your outdoor space into an eco-conscious haven.

The Lateral Closings are a testament to the Pergola’s sophisticated design. This feature ensures the adaptability of your outdoor space to all weather conditions. Providing wind, rain, and snow protection, these closings augment comfort. The ease of customising your Pergola’s sides brings adaptability to your fingertips, making it an epitome of functionality and style.

This unique blend of features solidifies the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola’s position as a market leader, bridging the gap between comfort and sustainability. The incorporation of Velvet Motion, Photovoltaic panels and lateral closings undoubtedly sets it apart.

Unfolding the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola Configurations

Welcome to the world of Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola configurations, where practicality has a waltz with creativity. We kick off the ball with the Wall Leaning 2 Posts Configuration, our very own urban hero fitting into compact spaces like a pro-Tetris player.

Then there’s the Island 4 Posts Configurations that embraces the spirit of open spaces. Picture a spacious backyard with an iconic stand-alone structure towering over a lavish garden party.

Our Front Leaning 4 Posts Configuration is a balancing act of style and stability, perfect for your A-list grand events.

We have Island 6 Posts and Lateral Leaning 4 Posts Configurations for those wanting more. Imagine creating an outdoor ballroom or an alfresco dining experience in your backyard.

With the Lateral Leaning 2 Posts Configuration, we’re challenging the impossible, squeezing an outdoor haven into narrow spaces like getting a window seat on a crowded bus!

Remember, at Gibus, we’re transforming your ‘outdoors’ into vivacious ‘living rooms’– because life is too short for uninteresting backyards!

The Enthralling Customisation Scope of Bioclimatic Pergola

The appeal of the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola is brought to life through its diverse customisation choices, presenting users with an array of personalisation opportunities. This Pergola model truly shines with its extensive colours, which expands to the complete RAL colour palette, a trusted European colour matching system ensuring consistency and precision in colour selection.

Gibus ingeniously expands the idea of a regular Pergola by incorporating multiple amenities like integrated lighting structures with LEDs and heating systems for improved comfort and built-in sound bars to transform the outdoor area into a lively entertainment hotspot. The Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola allows adaptability in design by offering options such as retractable fabric screens, sliding glass panels, and sliding loggia wooden panels matching various spatial requirements and decor themes.

A unique offering of the Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola, the fixed ‘Linius’ wall is cleverly designed to segment space while preserving unobstructed views, encapsulating the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Gibus’ innovative introduction of advanced intelligent sensors for automatic louvre alignment, adapting according to changing weather conditions, sets a benchmark in the fusion of technology and convenience. Gibus goes beyond the ordinary with these enhancements, facilitating the creation of a personalised outdoor space embodying the users’ particular lifestyle and preferences. The Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola is a testament to the spectacular convergence of beauty, innovation, and comfort.

Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola’s Accessories

Experience the blend of functionality, personal flair, and charm with the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola’s accessories. They serve to enrich your outdoor living environment, making it a true reflection of your unique style.

As twilight unveils, the integrated LED lighting introduces a warm glow. It combines light provision with a relaxing ambience that invites you to settle into your evening underneath the Pergola.

To ensure all-season comfort, adjustable heating and cooling systems are included. These thoughtfully designed systems maintain a pleasant temperature, making your Pergola area cosy in all weather conditions.

Sun Protection Features—retractable fabric screens and sliding panels—offer a double advantage. They provide a protective shield against harsh weather while enhancing the Pergola’s fascination.

And, to top it all, an Integrated Sound Bar adds a layer of musical delight to your outdoor living. Imagine being serenaded by your favourite tunes whilst relaxing in your curated space!

The accessory options of Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola allow you to refine your outdoor space, ensuring it is absolutely suited to your needs. Ultimately, picture a personal retreat right at your doorstep, uplifting your outdoor living to a memorable experience.

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Installation Steps for the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola

Navigating the installation process of the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola, a perfect union of aesthetics and functionality, is wonderfully straightforward. Let’s embark on this journey to upgrade your outdoors:

  1. Site Inspection: Our design consultation team from the Outdoor Living Group visits your property, offers a comprehensive space assessment, and aims to grasp your visions and expectations.
  1. Design Plans: The team curates design plans specifically tailored to align with your property’s architecture, ensuring that the Pergola’s design complements your home’s aesthetic appeal.
  1. Material Delivery: Once you give the thumbs up on the design, expect delivery of the necessary materials—aluminium frames, high-resistance PVC fabric, and state-of-the-art electronic devices—at your doorstep.
  1. Frame Installation: Watch the transformation begin as the robust frames are installed, creating a structure built to weather any storm.
  1. Roof Assembly: Next, the flexible PVC fabric makes its debut, offering you a versatile roof that adjusts to the sun’s whims, managed with the touch of a button on your smartphone.
  1. Add-On Installation: Here comes the fun—installing optional features such as LED lights or vertical closures to give your Pergola that personal touch.
  1. Final check: Our team then performs a detailed final review, ensuring all installed elements function perfectly and the setup adheres strictly to safety standards.

The journey of transforming your outdoor space with the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola is an adventure with our professional team by your side. Beyond just an installation process, this is a meticulously executed work of art, delivering an exquisite outdoor space for your indulgence. Ultimately, the end result is a durable Pergola that fits effortlessly into your lifestyle, elegantly enhancing the style and utility of your home.

Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola: Options and Accessories

Imagine a sunny afternoon on your patio, comfortably seated beneath your customised Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola. The sun’s rays shine but are not on your skin due to the adjustable blades.

These are more than simple blades. Think of them as your personal sunlight manager, designed to control the amount of sunlight that finds its way to your space. At a 135° angle, they permit maximum sunshine, illuminating your space naturally. At 90°, they offer a welcoming shade, shielding you and your guests from harsh sunlight yet keeping the area well-lit.

But the Pergola’s enchantments aren’t limited to sunny afternoons. As evening approaches and natural light diminishes, your Pergola adapts. The innovative Gibus lighting systems transform the setting, providing warm, comforting light that extends your day on the patio, allowing for nighttime reading, dining, or simply enjoying the tranquillity of a starlight night.

For those cool evenings, infrared heaters ensure your comfort. Efficient and easy to operate, these heaters warm your space, permitting your outdoor retreat year-round usage.

With the Gibus Velvet Bioclimatic Pergola, the transition from indoors to outdoors is not a step but a seamless glide.

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We provide a free consultation and onsite 3D visual design to ensure you are completely satisfied prior to confirming your order. Over the years we’ve perfected a three-step process we apply to all installations.


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