Personalised Colour Options

One of the standout features of Artares Louvered Roofs is the expansive colour palette they offer to discerning homeowners. With a foundational range of 47 Standard RAL Colours, customers have a broad spectrum of classic shades at their fingertips. These RAL colours have been curated to ensure that the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor structure seamlessly integrates with various architectural styles, landscapes, and personal tastes.

Motorised Blinds: Vertical Sun Protection

Motorised blinds offer a dual advantage of privacy and protection from direct sunlight. With a simple click, homeowners can adjust the level of shade, ensuring comfortable temperatures and glare reduction. The blinds seamlessly integrate into the louvered roof structure, maintaining the sleek design of the Weinor Artares.

Customisation Options for Motorised Blinds:

  • Fabric Material and Color Choices
  • Blind Thickness and Pattern
  • Operational Control (Remote, Wall-Mounted Control, etc.)

But for those who desire even more bespoke choices, Artares goes above and beyond with over 200 Modern Frame Colours. This extensive range deepens into contemporary colour trends, allowing homeowners to personalise their outdoor spaces. From muted neutrals and earthy tones to bold and vibrant hues, the Modern Frame Colours present an artistic canvas for those wishing to make a statement or for understated elegance. With Artares Louvered Roofs, your outdoor space can be as unique as your vision, with colour customisation options that transform your patio or terrace into a true extension of your personal style.

Paravento Side Screens

The Paravento is a side screen designed to provide protection from unwanted breezes, low-lying sun, and prying eyes. Crafted with the meticulous attention to detail that Weinor is renowned for, the Paravento is more than just functional: it’s a stylish addition to any outdoor space. When deployed, it creates a cosy, intimate atmosphere, enabling homeowners to enjoy their terraces or patios without the nuisances of unpredictable weather. Its retractable design ensures that it can be easily stowed away when not needed, preserving the openness of the space. With its robust construction, the Paravento stands the test of time and elements, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits in one elegant package.

Customisation Options for the Paravento:

  • Fabric Choices: Paravento offers a variety of fabric options ranging from transparent to opaque, allowing users to choose according to their privacy needs.
  • Frame Colours: The side screen can be customised to match or contrast the existing design elements with various frame colours.
  • Different Sizes: Depending on the space and requirement, Paravento comes in different sizes to fit various terraces and patios.
  • Integrated Handle: Some models come with an integrated handle, adding to the functionality and aesthetic appeal.

All-Glass Sliding Doors – w17 easy

The w17 easy All-Glass Sliding Doors allow homeowners to enjoy unobstructed views of their outdoor spaces while protecting against external elements. They seamlessly integrate the indoors with the outdoors, creating a fluid transition between spaces. Their easy-glide mechanism ensures smooth operation.

Customisation Options for Glass Sliding Doors:

  • Handle Designs & Finishes
  • Number of Panels (2-panel, 3-panel, etc.)

Heater Accessories – Tempura Heating System

The Tempura Heating System by Weinor is the epitome of outdoor luxury, ensuring that cooler temperatures don’t compromise the comfort of your patio or terrace. With its innovative design, this heating system ensures rapid, uniform warmth distribution, letting homeowners enjoy their outdoor spaces in all seasons. The compact and efficient design ensures energy conservation while delivering optimal heating performance. Apart from its functional benefits, the Tempura Heating System stands out for its sleek design, seamlessly integrating with various outdoor decors without detracting from the aesthetic appeal.

Extend the usability of your outdoor space into the colder months with the heater accessories. Efficient and powerful, these heaters provide immediate warmth, making your patio a cosy retreat even in chilly weather. Designed for safety and efficiency, they ensure comfortable outdoor moments year-round.

Customisation Options for the Tempura Heating System:

  • Total Heating Capacity/Output
  • Control Options (Manual, Remote, Smart, etc.)
  • Square or Round Designs


The “Tempura” model embodies both elegance and functionality. Its minimalist design can effortlessly blend into any outdoor environment, becoming a subtle yet indispensable part of your terrace or patio. Its infrared technology ensures immediate warmth upon activation, eliminating any waiting time typically associated with traditional heating systems. Designed with user convenience in mind, the Tempura model comes with an easy-to-use remote control system, allowing homeowners to adjust the temperature according to their preferences. Moreover, its energy-efficient operation ensures that you stay cosy without incurring exorbitant energy bills.

Tempura Quadra

The “Tempura Quadra” model takes the benefits of the original Tempura and presents them in a more square, contemporary design that appeals to modern aesthetics. Its distinct shape makes it a statement piece, adding a touch of modernity to your outdoor spaces. While it boasts a chic design, its performance is equally commendable. The Tempura Quadra effectively radiates warmth in all directions, ensuring a uniform heating experience. Its innovative design guarantees energy efficiency and ensures silent operation, letting you enjoy serene evenings without disturbing noisy heating systems. Like the Tempura, the Quadra variant is also equipped with a convenient remote control system, making temperature adjustments a breeze.

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Dimmable LED Lighting Strips, Spots and Bars

Integrated LED lighting enhances the ambience of outdoor spaces, allowing for extended evening use. The dimmable feature lets homeowners set the mood, from a soft glow for relaxing nights to brighter illumination for parties or gatherings. Energy-efficient and long-lasting, these LED lighting offers a sustainable lighting solution.

Customisation Options for Led Lighting:

  • Colour Temperature (Warm to Cool)
  • Size and Placement
  • Control Options (Remote, App-Controlled, etc.)

Weinor Control Options for Louvered Roofs

Regarding the user experience of louvered roofs, ease of control plays a significant role. Weinor, always at the forefront of innovation, offers a spectrum of control options to ensure a perfect fit for every homeowner’s needs. Here’s a closer look at the different Weinor control options available for louvered roofs:

  • Manual: The manual control option is straightforward and user-friendly for those who appreciate simplicity. It allows homeowners to adjust the louvered roof with their own physical input using a hand-operated mechanism. It’s a great choice for those who desire a direct, tactile connection with their outdoor space.
  • Basic: The basic control option is a step up from the manual system, offering electronic controls without complex features. This might include simple remote controls that allow the opening and closing of the louvers with the touch of a button.
  • Comfort: This option amplifies user convenience by incorporating advanced features like timer functions or sensors. The comfort control system may automatically adjust the louvers in response to weather conditions, such as retracting them during high winds or angling them for optimal sun shading.
  • Smart: Embracing the digital age, smart control integrates with mobile devices and home automation systems. Using a dedicated app, homeowners can adjust their louvered roof from anywhere, ensuring they always return to a patio that’s set to their liking.
  • Weinor BiConnect Radio Control: A state-of-the-art system, the BiConnect Radio Control offers intuitive operation. Not only does it permit wireless control of the louvered roof, but it also provides feedback, informing users of the system’s status. This two-way communication is invaluable for ensuring that the system is always in the desired state.
  • Somfy io-homecontrol®: Somfy’s io-homecontrol® is a robust, wireless solution designed for seamless integration with various home automation products. With Somfy’s reputation for reliability, integrating the louvered roof with this system ensures smooth operations, compatibility with other Somfy products, and a high degree of user convenience.

Weinor’s diverse range of control options caters to every user, from those who appreciate the tactile simplicity of manual controls to tech enthusiasts seeking the latest in smart home integration. The choice ensures that every homeowner can interact with their louvered roof in a way that feels most natural and convenient to them.

BiConnect Weather Sensors

BiConnect Weather Sensors are state-of-the-art instruments that elevate the outdoor living experience. These sensors detect real-time changes in weather conditions, from shifts in sunlight intensity to unexpected rain showers or strong winds. Upon detection, they automatically adjust the louvers or retractable components of the Artares roof system to ensure optimal comfort and protection. This maintains a consistent and comfortable environment underneath the roof and protects the system from potential weather damage. The integration of BiConnect Weather Sensors into the Artares Louvered Roof exemplifies the fusion of technology and comfort, offering homeowners peace of mind and an enhanced outdoor experience, regardless of unpredictable weather changes.

Fabric Options

Beyond the structural design and colour palette, the Artares Louvered Roof also offers a unique dimension of customisation in its fabric selections. Weinor’s “My Collections 2” is a testament to the brand’s commitment to marrying functionality with aesthetics. This collection features an exquisite array of fabrics, each designed to cater to the diverse tastes of homeowners. From subtle and minimalistic patterns to more pronounced and vibrant designs, “My Collections 2” ensures that every individual finds the perfect fabric that resonates with their personal style and the overall design theme of their outdoor space.

Furthermore, the “Screens by Weinor” adds another layer of versatility to the Artares Louvered Roof. These screens, which come in various fabric options, such as the Soltis, StarScreen or a fibreglass screen option, serve a dual purpose. Functionally, they offer protection from external elements like the sun’s glaring rays or a light drizzle, enhancing the comfort of the outdoor area. Aesthetically, these screens can transform the space’s ambience, whether you opt for a sheer fabric to diffuse light gently or a more opaque choice for added privacy. Integrating these screens with the Artares system means that homeowners can adjust their outdoor environment’s mood and utility at their discretion.

With the fabric customisation options from “My Collections 2” and the adaptability offered by “Screens by Weinor”, the Artares Louvered Roof becomes more than just a structural addition—it evolves into a dynamic space, responsive to the changing needs and desires of its users.

Enhancing Your Lifestyle with Weinor’s Louvered Roof Accessories

Weinor’s Louvered Roof accessories are not just about adding functionality to outdoor spaces. They represent a transformative approach to modern living.

By integrating these accessories, homeowners can seamlessly extend their indoor comforts to the outdoors, crafting spaces perfect for relaxation, entertainment, or solitary reflection. Whether it’s the soft ambience created by integrated lighting, the year-round comfort afforded by weather sensors, or the luxury of controlled temperatures with heating systems, every accessory adds a dimension to outdoor living.

These enhancements elevate patios and terraces into dynamic living spaces, adaptable to every mood, season, and occasion. Weinor’s focus on sophisticated design and superior functionality ensures that, with these accessories, one’s lifestyle becomes a blend of luxury, convenience, and an enriched connection with the outdoors.

Why Choose The Outdoor Living Group for Your Louvered Roof?

The Outdoor Living Group stands out as a top choice for Artares Louvered Roof and accessories for several compelling reasons. Our vast experience and expertise in the field ensure that we offer not just products but solutions tailored to individual needs. We understand that each outdoor space has its unique requirements, and our selection of accessories is curated to cater to this diversity.

Our professional team’s commitment to meticulous planning and precision ensures a seamless and efficient installation process, guaranteeing optimum performance.

Post-installation, our dedicated support doesn’t wane. Regular maintenance checks, insights on wear and tear, and a proactive approach to ensuring the longevity of the installed Louvered Roofs and accessories stand as a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. This comprehensive care ensures that the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space are preserved for years to come.

Moreover, The Outdoor Living Group’s strong partnership with top-tier brands like Weinor ensures access to high-quality, innovative products. This synergy of great products and The Outdoor Living Group’s attentive service promises an unparalleled outdoor living experience. Choosing us means choosing quality, expertise, and a dedication to enhancing outdoor spaces and improving your lifestyle.

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